Sunday, May 24, 2009

Machida Wins KO Over Evans 2nd Round See Fight Replay Highlights

It's finally done, Lyoto Machida won over Rashad Evans in a 2nd round KO with 2 minutes more remaining. It was the accuracy of the punches by Machida that took off Evans as predicted by Joe Rogan from a video I was able to watch in YouTube a few days before.

This is MMA sports and live fight that deserve to be in the gallery simply because it was such a brilliantly fought UFC 98 fight as I've seen earlier. Machida did a very convincing win over evans in the replay I saw while we watch the live match in livestreaming today.

At first I thought that the first 3 rounds will take time and estimates by both fighters but when Machida saw the opportunity, he took it and gambled and won in a flurry of sharp accuracy of his punches landing in the jaw of Evans.

I bet that many of you guys out there will be looking to see the Machida Evans UFC fight replay. Just head on to the official UFC 98 website to see the highlights of the fight.

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