Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ryan Bader vs Glover Teixeira - UFC 28

UFC 28 presents Ryan Bader vs Glover Teixeira in light heavyweight division. 5 Rounds of MMA fight. Ring announcers said that its going to be an advantage for Bader because Teixeira shed off too much of the weight while another sports commentarist said that hometown crowd in Brazil is going to be the power behind the other fighter.

Let's see who will win this game today in the octagon. For those who haven't yet bought their tickets, you can get it online now or watch the live stream event over in pay per view. In the Philippines, I just tuned in to Balls channel 34 over in Sky Cable TV provider.

You can watch the replay of this UFC light heavyweight division in YouTube if you are fast enough to catch up with the game or go online to video uploading websites like JustinTV and more.

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